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We regret to inform you that the AIT-5 line has been discontinued by Sony and is no longer available new. The information on these pages is no longer current, but is available for your convenience. Refurbished or used AIT-5 drives may be available in limited quantities. For more information or for help finding a suitable data storage alternative, please call us at 1-800-733-9775.

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New Software Makes Mass Storage Not Only Possible But Easy!


          When investing in a new backup system, it's usually wise to keep in mind the software that is to be used. Some software is incompatible with certain tape drives, and some fails to take advantage of new features in the latest tape or optical drive technologies. All too often backup software can be a huge cost in itself, at times costing half the cost of a new drive. Investing can be a budget breaker. In light of this Sony has released the limited edition packages, including software from Symantec, Backup Exec. Novastor also offers a variety of backup solutions from home desktop use and small businesses, up to enterprise level solutions. Why don't you examine your software to see if it measures up?


          What are the key features that makes this software right for you? Backup Exec is designed specifically for windows servers and systems. Backup Exec revolutionizes data protection by removing the need for incremental or differential backup and the need for backup windows. It is designed with disk to disk to tape storage in mind. Another astonishing feature of this software is the ability to restore data from anywhere with the help of a web-based file retrieval system. This system doesn't require an additional program to be installed, simply a web browser and some technical know-how. This new system makes it possible tor IT departments to free themselves from time-consuming data restores, especially small scale restores that only effect one program or user. Best of all the full version comes free with Sony AIT-5 limited edition products. Upgrade to AIT-5 today!

In addition AIT-5 and the corresponding software we offer the new Sony Blu-ray technology and the other trusted methods of data storage, including UDO, MO, and Tape.

Micro Technologies is proud to announce the arrival of this new technology to our website. Please contact our friendly Sales Team for more information on AIT-5 products!

         What if you've already invested in a backup program, but would like to make the switch to Novastor's time-tested software? No, you don't have to be tied to your old software and the change doesn't have to cost you a fortune! Novastor has made competitive upgrades available. You can upgrade to any Novastor Backup product from any corresponding competitive product including products by norton, computer associates, and more. Novastor also offers TapeCopy, a program which facillitates the switch from any tape technology to AIT. It makes copying tapes, even from different formats, easy, effective and reliable. If you are unsure of which software to purchase to fit your needs check this product wizard.

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