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We regret to inform you that the AIT-5 line has been discontinued by Sony and is no longer available new. The information on these pages is no longer current, but is available for your convenience. Refurbished or used AIT-5 drives may be available in limited quantities. For more information or for help finding a suitable data storage alternative, please call us at 1-800-733-9775.

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AIT Revolutionizes Tape Technology


          Now equipped with the AME III technology AIT-5 Media is more reliable than ever. What is AME? Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) technology is what allows for the incredible density and storing capacity of AIT technology. While most tape media technologies merely paint on the magnetic particle coating, resulting in only 50% active magnetic material, AME uses vaporized cobalt, which is then deposited directy on the film, resulting in nearly 100% magnetic material. AME tapes are also much less likely to suffer from data loss due to loss of magnetic particles than conventional tape. AME is also the reason AIT-5 media has the incredible life of 400,000 hours at 100% duty cycle, and is capable of up to 30,000 end to end passes.


          All AIT technologies, including AIT-5 feature the unique MIC chip, enabling them to perform the Memory In Cassette (MIC) feature exclusive to AIT. The non-volatile chip is built directly into the the media cartridge and enables quick media loads and fast data searches. Rather than an on-tape index, AIT Media keeps the file index, system log, tape status, and information on the cartridge history and as well as useful user-definable and backup information. AIT-5 takes this already revolutionary technology a step further. AIT-5 uses R-MIC, standing for Remote Memory in Cassette. With this format a connector is unnecessary as the MIC chip can remotely communicate with the drive. This technology is only found with the AIT media manufactured and designed buy Sony. Upgrade to AIT-5 today!

In addition AIT-5 Media and Drives we offer the new Sony Blu-ray technology and the other trusted methods of data storage, including UDO, MO, and Tape.

Micro Technologies is proud to announce the arrival of this new technology to our website. Please contact our friendly Sales Team for more information on AIT-5 products!
Sony SDX5-400C AIT-5 Media

          WORM functionality is also a key feature of AIT-5 technology. The Write Once, Read Many (WORM) format allows backed-up data to be accessed but not over-written altered or erased. The WORM technology is extremely useful and cost effective for storing sensitive and regulated archive information. WORM media is required to take advantage of AIT-5 WORM capabilities.

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