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We regret to inform you that the AIT-5 line has been discontinued by Sony and is no longer available new. The information on these pages is no longer current, but is available for your convenience. Refurbished or used AIT-5 drives may be available in limited quantities. For more information or for help finding a suitable data storage alternative, please call us at 1-800-733-9775.

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AIT-5 Tape Drives, Super drive class - The highest capacity tape drive in the AIT family
Presenting AIT-5 Sales Packages From Sony


          Are you contemplating switching to AIT? If you haven't decided yet Sony just gave you yet another reason to switch sooner than later. Sony has offered sales packages which bundles the AIT technology with media and software, making it usable right out of the box. It is no longer necessary to call many different vendors to make the change to more a more reliable back-up technology. Although these sales packages are no longer available directly from Sony, Micro Technologies still has some Limited Edition product in stock.


AIT-5 Bundles

  • Internal and External Limited Editions still available
  • Immediately usable
  • Free Media and Software -$870
  • Limited Supply

Other offers to take advantage of:

In addition to Limited Edition AIT-5 we offer the new Sony Blu-ray technology and the other trusted methods of data storage, including UDO, MO, and Tape.

Micro Technologies is proud to announce the arrival of this new technology to our website. Please contact our friendly Sales Team for more information on AIT-5 products!
Sony and Symantec create limited edition software-media bundles, making AIT usable right out of the box

          Some sales bundles are merely quick fixes, what makes this one any different? Although many sales bundles offer the minimum possible to maximize profit, this Sony-made package offers the full version of the latest Symantec software, and media to get you started. Symantec Backup Exec is valued at $795 and is an excellent tool to restore data on you AIT-5 tapes. Upgrade to AIT-5 today.

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